Saturday, March 30, 2013

What You Need to Know About Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to forward your calls to another phone number. It was invented by Ernest J. Bonanno in 1963. There are a few different types that Datavo offers you to choose from to suit your needs.

Call Forwarding (Variable):  Allows you to activate and deactivate the forwarding. To do this you pick up your line and dial *72. There will be a stutter tone, then dial the number you want the line to forward to. The number you are forwarding to must be answered. To deactivate, pick up the line and press *73.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding: This feature can be added only with Call Forwarding (Variable) and allows you to activate Call Forwarding (Variable) on your land line from a remote location through an access number and security PIN.

Call Forward - Busy: Allows for your line to be forwarded to another line when your main line is busy.

Call Forward - Don't Answer: Allows for your line to be forwarded to another line when you main line is not answered after a set number of rings.

Call Forward - Select: Allows for you to forward pre-selected numbers to another line that you designate.

Hunting: A complex forwarding feature that allows numbers to be set up in a sequence and to roll over to the next one if the previous line is busy.

Find Me/Follow Me: Another complex forwarding feature that allows for you to designate specific numbers, such as your home, office, and mobile; that will ring simultaneously or in a sequence to find you.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 Fundamental 'F' Factors of Fearless Leaders

It's time of our 'F' installment of Datavo's Business Leaders Attributes by Letter series. You can catch up by reading 7 Effective 'E' Examples of Efficient Leader.

Let's get started with the 'F's...

A leader may have fear because of their higher profile that may amplify their failures. A great leader can acknowledge their fear and then push past it with decisive actions.

Being flexible and versatile is a major advantage for anyone that wants to be successful. Great leaders know when it is necessary for them to bend and make a change or when they need to stand tall and keep steady.

Everyone has thoughts that wander or things that make them lose focus of their current task. A great leader is able to map out their plan and stay with it until they're done.

Having a sense of humor about things will lessen your stress. Productive leaders know there is a line for when to be serious and when they can lighten the mood.

Playing favorites or treating employees differently is the fastest way to lower your office morale. Employees want to know that they will be treated fairly and given a chance, great leaders make this happen.

The meaning of being frank is being honest. Honesty is always the best policy and makes people respect you more. Being frank may lead to you giving your employees constructive criticism that will help them be a better worker.

No one wants to be common, ordinary or simple. Fearless leaders are astounding, awesome, marvelous, remarkable, and fabulous.

To end our list, lets go over 7 'F' words that efficient leaders would never want to be - feeble, frightening, forgetful, fraudulent, futile, failed, or fanatical.

Feel free to leave any words you think we left off or would have on your own list in the comments. Make sure to look out for our next list of 'G' adjectives.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Understanding the IP Phone

An IP Phone is one which uses the internet, as opposed to a traditional telephone carrier, to make calls and receive calls. The calls are made over an IP network like Internet or can be made via a companies private IP network.  IP Phones uses protocols allowing callers to view the individual on the other line, and can be viewed by those they are calling.

How does an IP Phone work?

There are certain elements which a IP Phone requires in order to properly function including:
  • phyical hardware (earpiece, keypad, display screen, etc); 
  • DNS client, STUN client, DHCP client; 
  • video & audio capabilities; and,
  • a friendly user interface. 
These elements make up the internal system of an IP Phone. 

What features does an IP Phone have? 

There are also several great features you will get with an IP Phone including: 

  • caller id; 
  • encrypted communications; 
  • conference calls; 
  • call transfers; 
  • directories; and, 
  • other features (depending on the IP provider, and depending on whether it is the internet, or a private network provider)

An IP Phone also has several features which a traditional phone does not have. Some of these features includes:
  • email contacts (making it easier to remember the contacts or phone number); 
  • easy sharing contact lists (multiple accounts); and, 
  • other features similar to PC based phone services.

The IP Phone is great for businesses that do conference calls, and want to que in everyone who should be involved in the meeting. With the audio and visual, you can easily interact, and can include a larger group of people in to a call, than other phones allow you to do.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What is the myDatavo Smartbiz?

myDatavo Smartbiz is a VoIP, cloud based, fully featured phone system that lets you manage extensions, view voicemail, faxes and handle inbound or outbound calls to your business lines from the web , through free mobile apps and Windows software. With the click of a few buttons you can manipulate call handling rules from anywhere in the world by accessing Datavo’s easy to use portal. Our web portal and mobile apps not only give you complete control over your business extensions but convert your team’s smartphones and tablets into a fully featured desk phones; therefore, when your desk line rings, your devices with myDatavo mobile installed will ring at the same time.
With myDatavo SmartBiz you only need a high-speed internet connection and everyone at your business is making calls in no time. Unlike old systems, myDatavo Smartbiz does not have any expensive, bulky hardware and can be set up online in minutes. Your Datavo phones will be sent directly to your office and will arrive Datavo Ring Ready® so there’s no time wasted.
Ultimately, myDatavo SmartBiz delivers the features and services you require to communicate efficiently with customers and colleagues no matter where you are.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Celebrate Women's History Month with Datavo!

Women’s History Month is celebrated each year in March. It is a celebration of women's contributions to history, culture and society. The United States has observed it annually throughout the month of March since 1987. Although women’s history is intertwined with the history shared with men, several factors - social, religious, economic, and biological - have worked to create a unique sphere of women's history.

The stories of women’s achievements are integral to the fabric our history. Until relatively recently, this sphere of women's history was overlooked and undervalued. Women’s achievements were often distorted, disdained, and denied. But, knowing women’s stories provides essential role models for everyone. And role models are genuinely needed to face the extraordinary changes and unrelenting challenges of the 21st century.

Learning about women’s tenacity, courage, and creativity throughout the centuries is a tremendous source of strength.

Datavo proudly celebrates all of the many contributions women have made to our society.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Work Hard, Play Hard - 2013 Channels Partners Conference

Our Sales Executive Team

Here at 
Datavo our motto is to Work Hard, Play Hard. 

The past few days our sales executives have been in Las Vegas at the 2013 Channel Partners Conference recruiting and showing our partners our unique way of doing things. We are very excited that we were able to meet with some of our existing partners, network with new companies and Sales Agents and learn new ways the industry is currently moving forward. 

For more information on Datavo please feel free to contact us at 1.877.7.DATAVO or visit our website at and don't forget to WORK HARD, PLAY HARD!