Friday, June 29, 2012

How to Call Mexico from the United States

No pierda el contacto con sus amigos y familia! (Don't lose contact with your friends and family!) Let Datavo break calling Mexico from the United States down for you.

We know that making international calls can be tough. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.

Take a look at our calling guide:

·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix (or access code)
·         Second dial 52, Mexico's country code.
·         Lastly dial the 2-3 digit area code and 7-digit phone number.

   Example: 011 + 52 + XXX + XXXXXXX

Major Cities and Area Codes:

Area Code

Mobile Phone:
·            Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix (or access code)
·        Second dial 52, Mexico's country code.        
·        Lastly dial the 10 digit phone number.

   Example: 011 + 52 + XXXXXXXXXX

Click HERE for Mexico's telephone directory.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Understanding Why You Need a Phone System for Your Office

Communication is an essential key to the functioning of your business. If you want to add in the right alternatives to keep everyone in touch, then you can begin by adding in the right phone system. This makes a difference in your effectiveness of communication while providing you with different alternatives for the communication that is available. Today, technology has combined with communication to make sure you are able to easily keep in touch with others in the office as well as with customers that are calling about your products or services.

The phone system that is available for companies allows you to have a variety of lines that are interconnected into a central area. There will be one system placed for the corporation. This combines with several extensions that are placed through the branches and offices while allowing each employee to connect to the central system. This gives every individual in the office a private line from a central system. The stations that are created allow private exchanges to take place between those working in the company and provide different numbers to those that are working within a company.

Not only are numbers and private stations assigned to a central phone system. There are also programs that are added in for easier communication and to track the options that are used. For instance, you will be able to program in an option to control the calls that are coming in through the use of lighted line buttons or specialized rings. This will let you know where a call is coming from while connecting lines in alternative ways. The programming can interchange with simple connections to complex techniques that are used for different approaches to getting connected across branches, offices or between employees.

The integrated options with a phone system also incorporate other features to assist all employees to stay in touch and to connect to others. There are additional voice mail and answering machine systems available for needed responses. It is also possible to set up caller ID, speed dialing and automatic call accounting. This will help to track and connect employees and customers easier while offering convenience with communication. If a more complex system is used, then there is also the possibility of adding in features such as remote supervision of the system. This can help to track communication while ensuring that the correct links are made with each station created.

Tying into communication at different levels with any business ensures a better working environment while meeting the needs of employees. If you want to integrate a simple and effective way of keeping in touch, then you can look at a phone system. Giving each employee a station and monitoring this through a central area with different ways to keep in touch instantly tightens the communication between individuals, offices and branches. The incorporation of specific features with this system ensures that you are able to find different ways to keep connected while allowing each individual to remain connected with simple and effective tools.

Let Datavo help you find the right option for your business.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to Make a Call to Bangladesh from the United States

When you think of calling Bangladesh from the US, do you find yourself saying, aami bujhi naa? (that's 'I don't understand' in Bengali) Well fret no more, Datavo has you covered.
We know that making international calls can be difficult. So we have provided a simple step-by-step guide for you!

Basic steps to call Bangladesh are:

·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
·         Second dial 880, Bangladesh's Country Code.
·         Lastly dial the 1- 4 digit area code and 3-7 digit local phone     number.

   Example: 011 + 880 + XXX + XXXXXXX

Major Cities and Area Codes:

Area Code

Mobile Phone:
·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
·         Second dial 880, Bangladesh's Country Code.
·         Lastly dial the 10 digit phone number with starting digit 1

   Example: 011 + 880 + 1XXXXXXXXX

Click HERE to go to Bangladesh's White Pages. 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What You Should Know About VoIP and 911 Functionality

In recent times, the introduction of VoIP providers for telecommunications has changed the whole concept of the telephone, but one important issue you need to be aware of is  VoIP and 911 functionality.

Using a VoIP provider for your phone calls means cheaper calling, with no phone lines and just the use of an Internet signal. In fact, VoIP has taken the business world by storm as well as being popular with individuals for totally free video calling. But what needs to be recognized here is the need to make emergency calls too in this way. The trouble that arises when trying to use a VoIP provider for traditional and emergency type calling is that the portable provider will not always recognize where the call is being generated from. In fact, this is something that many people like about VoIP service providers such as Datavo; they can call from wherever they want and stay anonymous. However, when calling 911, a vital component of the call is that the operator can identify your position immediately without you having to tell them; and here lies the dilemma of VoIP and 911functionality. 

It cannot be denied that the ability to dial 911 in case of an emergency can never be compromised, and for this reason alone many people are nervous to completely give up their traditional phones altogether. 911, is a number that should be available to the entire population, free of charge, twenty four hours a day, and the technology used to make the call should not matter. A 911 call automatically diverts to the Public Switch Telephone Network, and the Federal Communications Commission has taken steps to provide this same service with VoIP as from a standard landline, mobile or cell phone.

Improvements have been made to step up the safety of relying on VoIP for emergency calling, and now all 911 calls will reach the correct public safety authority. What cannot however be done is to ensure that the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) staff answering the call can call you back if necessary as the origin of your call is not clear for them to see. In fact, although precautions are in place and improvements are being sought, at this present moment it cannot be guaranteed that one hundred percent of VoIP calls will be directed correctly, some being directed wrongly to unmanned lines of the PSAP. You can however set a location on your VoIP phone, but this will only work if you remember to change it as you move around. Also, as VoIP relies on an Internet signal, you need to be prepared for times when you simply cannot get enough signal to call in bad weather, or when your Internet goes down and you cannot call at all. Datavo makes sure in  providing their customers with up to the minute information on the limitations of VoIP and 911 functionality, the message for now being that if you are with children, the elderly or in a place where you may be at risk and need to call the emergency services, always have a traditional or cellular device on hand.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Datavo Gives Back

At Datavo, our mission is to be cooperative, responsive and committed. We strive to meet these values in everything we do. That is why we support the KidsCourage Foundation.

Founded in 2006, the mission of Kids Courage Foundation is to provide financial assistance to the families of children (newborns up to the age of eighteen) suffering from serious, catastrophic and life-threatening illnesses or injuries. Their purpose is to financially assist families that are not covered by private medical insurance and/or government medical assistance programs. Costs covered by Kids Courage Foundation include medical equipment, medications, transportation to and from the hospital and housing costs when medical treatment is at a facility far from home as well as covering costs such as daycare for the ill/injured child’s siblings.

Kids Courage Foundation values to achieve their mission are:

  • A commitment to provide children and their families with the financial assistance necessary to purchase the equipment, medication and services needed to continue pediatric care of a seriously and/or life-threateningly ill or injured child.
  • A commitment to respect the ethnic, religious and lifestyle differences of children, their families, our colleagues, and our donors.
  • A commitment to our donors that every dollar donated will be wisely spent toward achieving our Mission of alleviating the financial burdens associated with caring for a child with catastrophic illnesses and injuries.
  • A sense of urgency to make an impactful and immediate difference.
  • A commitment to excellence, innovation and outreach in all that we do.
  • A commitment to honesty, integrity, and accountability in our actions and decisions.
  • A commitment to social and civic responsibility on a local, state, and national level.

Funding is available to children who are served by hospitals, clinics, schools, support groups, religious organizations, healthcare centers that are affiliated with the Kid’s Courage Foundation.

What is an ATA?

An ATA, or Analog Telephone Adapter is a communication device that connects one or multiple analog telephones to a computer or a digitalized telephone network using VoIP so that users can make fast and efficient phone calls over the internet. ATA's are largely cheaper compared to both normal analog telephone system as well as specialized VoIP phones that are directly connected to the USB port of a computer.

How do ATA's work?

Most ATA's are a small box with an Ethernet port, a power adapter, one or many FXS telephone ports and at times may include a FXO link as well. Users have the provision of plugging in one or more traditional analog telephone equipment into the ATA and all connected analog devices operates independently over a VoIP network. ATA' s generally communicates with VoIP servers using a set of protocols like IAX, SCCP, MGCP, SIP and encodes or decodes voice signal using voice codecs like iLBC, GSM, G.729, G.711 etc. Depending on the brand and model, it consumes around 3-5 Watts of electricity.

Types of ATA's:

Next, there are numerous types of ATA's that create a physical connection between a computer device or a computer and a phone. Some other types of adapters also performs functions like analog to digital conversion by connecting directly to the VoIP server.When used in a commercial setting, in most cases an ATA comprise of a few telephone jacks and an RJ-45 cable connected to a standard 10/100 Base T Ethernet switch or hub which in turn is connected to a LAN. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Make a Call to the UK from the US

Datavo makes calling your mates in the UK from the US bloody easy.

We know that making international calls can be a bugger. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process a snap.


Follow these easy-as-pie steps:

                        ·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
                        ·         Second dial 44, the UK's Country Code.
                        ·         Lastly dial the 2-5 digit area code and 4-8 digit phone number.

   Example: 011 + 44 + XXX + XXXXXXXX

Major Cities and Area Codes:

Area Code

 Mobile Phone:
                        ·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
                        ·         Second dial 44, the UK's Country Code.
                        ·         Lastly dial the 10-digit phone number with starting digit 7.

   Example: 011 + 44 + 7XXXXXXXXX

Click here to go to the UK Telephone Directory. 

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How to Make a Call to Israel from the United States

International codes and rules can be difficult. Let Datavo make your call to Israel from the United States effortless.

We know that making international calls can be tough. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.

Just follow these simple steps:

·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
·         Second dial 972, Israel's Country Code.
·         Lastly dial the 1-digit area code and 7-digit phone number.

   Example: 011 + 972 + X + XXXXXXX

Major Cities and Area Codes:

Area Code

   Mobile Phone:
·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
·         Second dial 972, Israel's Country Code.
·         Lastly dial the 9-digit phone number with starting digit 5.

   Example: 011 + 972 + 5XXXXXXXX

Click here to go to Israel's Telephone Directory. 

Do you call Israel regularly?? Well Datavo has a deal for you. Click here for more information on our Israel calling rates.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Learning the Most Essential Features of the myDatavo Mobile

myDatavo Mobile is capable of redefining the way through which you interact with your telephony services and contact your social and business contacts. This product works effectively in extending office or home unified messaging, call control and contact administrator directly into your smart phone device, thereby allowing you to easily control the manner through which you communicate with others wherever you are. This means that myDatavo gives you the opportunity to control all your outbound and inbound calls as well as your voicemail messages without changing your current wireless access networks and wire line. 

Among the many things that you will enjoy from taking advantage of myDatavo Mobile include the utilization of more sophisticated Find Me Follow Me call routing either for one or multiple phone numbers, synchronization of contacts across various platforms and devices and integration of email, fax and voicemail communications with a more unified messaging from myDatavo.  Here are some of the other benefits of using myDatavo Mobile:

1. More Advanced Client Distribution. myDatavo Mobile is capable of effectively leveraging myDatavo Deployment Acceleration Program  with an aim of simplifying the application branding and distribution process. myDatavo makes it a point to retain an updated version of the Android Market and Apple App Store. Communication carriers will just have to direct their users to any of these selections. The users should then start to choose their preferred service provider from a list which is capable of automatically configuring prospective clients with your product details and brand or company. You can expect CDAP to work in dramatically reducing the amount of time that you need to market your newly launched mobile applications.

2. More Centralized Contacts. myDatavo Mobile comes with a lot of essential features which makes it one of the most ideal repositories for both social and business contacts. These features include outlook synchronization with the help of the myDatavo Assistant, ubiquitous web access and a more secure and centralized platform. myDatavo Mobile also works in extending the hosted storage of colleagues, associates and friends into your handset. You can also expect the names and contact numbers present in your device to merge perfectly with network contacts, thereby causing the creation of a more comprehensive list containing both the personal and commercial connections of end users. You can also easily add, delete or change contacts directly from your phone.

3. More Useful myDatavo Visual Voicemail. myDatavo offers a Visual Voicemail app which is compatible with the mobile operating systems of BlackBerry, Android and iPhone. This app works in leveraging wireline and wireless operators. Another thing that you will enjoy from this app is that it is highly spontaneous and visually pleasing. The app also gives your subscribers the opportunity to scan their voicemail inboxes in a quick manner, read transcribed messages without having to contact the voicemail system, listen to audios that are deposited into the device and easily navigate a touchtone interface.

4. Mobile Conferencing Reliability. myDatavo has a mobile conferencing app which is reliable and works perfectly for devices that are based on Android and iPhone. The good thing about this app is that it perfectly suits a user's daily working patterns. You can easily integrate it with the lists of contacts listed in your phone while also making it easier for you to invite people or your organizational staff into a multiparty conference. Another advantage of this app is that it promotes easier management of the existing participants of the conference so you can expect all your conferences to come out as natural and straightforward.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

myDatavo Communicator - Reliable Functionality That Fits Your Needs

Whether it is individuals or business enterprises, consumers are changing the way they keep in touch with the outside world. Wireless, wireline and competitive service providers are now able to meet their customers' growing demand for contact and telephony demands. These demands range from versatile to cross-platform and contact and telephony tools. This has been made possible solely by the myDatavo communicator.

A myDatavo softphone:
The Communicator Desktop developed for windows comes with a superior softphone with an advanced contact manager to enable users send and receive simple text messages, superior quality voice conversation or video calls. Clients have the option of integrating it with social network as well as business networks which enable them to receive instant voice messages as well as improve their global presence, both at home and at the office. Most importantly, myDatavo Communicator can be connected to mobile phone service providers which eventually strengthens the service provider's signal strength in areas where signal strength is low or are constantly interrupted.

The exclusive SIP Provisioning Server and the Service Assurance Server has drastically eradicated the need for client configuration. In addition to that, the myDatavo service assurance servers provide unique and proactive analysis to network managers, thereby providing them with experience qualities while also significantly reducing their time investment on repairing metrics. 

Coming with a fully integrated myDatavo, we boast of a leading telephony and control interface which enables carriers to deliver branded experience that are in tandem with their customers' download requests. 

In the enterprise:
Today's IT platforms demand advanced features, something that myDatavo has delivered. It can be used to either complement or provide alternatives that are cost-effective when deploying new office handsets. With its outstanding video and HD voice features, this application can also synchronize all the important contacts of the business with Microsoft Outlook or any other active directory databases. This enables direct click-to-click capabilities from the softphone interface. This enables employees to have uninterrupted access to business services which include but not limited to dialing plans and workgroup attendant consoles. This they can do whether they are at the office or driving home. 

In the home:
The myDatavo Communicator can extend to your personal computer back at home. It comes with residential telephone offerings which have outstanding high-definition features like voice and video, popup messages and call histories, among others. It also incorporates XMPP instant messaging, where users can not only consolidate, but also manage and communicate with their social and personal contacts. All these are done through a single interface. There are stringent privacy rules which protect users from unauthorized viewing or access. On the same breath, buddy tagging feature alerts users when their friends' status has changed.

For mobile:
myDatavo Communicator has a powerful iPhone and Android application that enables users to extend their business and residential services directly to their hands. Valuable business telephony services that are demanded of IT managers are fully integrated in myDatavo Communicator. These include among others 4-digit dialing auto attendant and call distributions that are fully automated.

Monday, June 4, 2012

myDatavo Assistant, Your Key to Excellent Communication

Ever since technology existed, it never stopped from developing and creating more and more ways of making lives a lot easier and better. Just recently there has been another introduction of an application toolbar which can definitely surpass and outnumber the features of all high grossing service providers of today. Take a look at the amazing, multi-tasking, easy to use, and all in one application toolbar, the myDatavo Assistant.

With the myDatavo Assistant toolbar, gone are the days where subscribers will unsubscribe to you because of missed calls and communications. From its name, the myDatavo Assistant is ready to be your everyday assistant, 24 hours a day, seven days a week without any miss. This application toolbar will be all you need to organize your calls, notifications, and other calling options that you can ever imagine.

What are the different uses and features of myDatavo Assistant?

myDatavo Assistant is an application toolbar which can be installed easily in your personal computers. It is only about 3 MB, thus not occupying or being all heavy for your PC. It can come in three different languages, namely English, French, and Spanish. The application toolbar can be synchronized with the Outlook of the PC therefore minimizing your work load especially on storing contact information. It has a toolbar which can automatically bring you to your list of contacts, notifications, or the myDatavo Assistant itself.

It is very much easy to use and operate since it will be Windows based. The entire application can let you manage your notification settings, contacts, incoming calls, voice mails and fax messages. It literally has many options and choices you can choose from thus letting you have a greater control over your communications. In addition, you are given the opportunity to change within seconds your present status. You can enable the call forwarding, to let the call you are about to have be forwarded or diverted to another location. This forwarding feature can be activated only to specific numbers or you can make this active for all. This is especially useful when you are not able to take the call due to busy schedule or you are a handful of work. There is also the follow me feature which instead of leaving a message in the voicemail just yet, you are to let the caller dial or follow you to another number where he or she is able to talk to you or contact you. There is also a weekly setting feature where you set specific settings on days where you are not able to entertain calls and there are days where you can answer all calls. When there are notifications, usually it is called a toast. This toast will automatically be on your desktop with all its information regarding the caller, time of communication, etc.

Indeed, the myDatavo Assistant can literally do anything for you. Everything seems like a click away and you get to manage everything and every subscriber you have. myDatavo Assistant is exactly what you need to get your head on the game and be very productive in today's competitive world. Communicating has never been so fast and easy, thanks to myDatavo Assistant.