Thursday, August 30, 2012

9 Tips to Effective Time Management

TIME MANAGEMENT... can be a scary word for some people. It's a skill that no one teaches you in a class but something you really need to learn.

Are you habitually late or extremely punctual? Are you able to effectively complete your work on time? Do you manage your time efficiently? Can your boss count on you to meet your deadlines?

Datavo knows a lot of you answered no to some of these questions, so I put a short list of tips together to help you manage your time a little easier.

1. Keep a calendar. Using a calendar is the most essential step to time management. I like to use Google Calendar as it allows integration with my mobile phone and other devices so that I can always access my calendar on the go.

2. Create a daily agenda. Your day will run smoother if it is planned. You can do this at the end of each work day or in the morning before you start any of your tasks. Make a list and try to stick to it. 

3. Always complete your most important tasks first.  Prioritize your tasks on your agenda by importance because things come up and you can't always get everything done. If you will feel less anxious at the end of the day if you know you got your priorities taken care of.

4. Place a time limit for each daily task.  Next to each task on your list right a time limit for how long it will take or what time of the day you would like to be finished. This will keep your day running smoother and keep you from dragging your feet as you complete your work. 

5. Meet your deadlines.  Always make sure you know and meet all of your deadlines. Make sure to add them to your calendar and so you are always aware of when they are due. 

6. Keep focused.  Multi-tasking is only good for some people. Most people get things done faster by focusing on one thing at a time. Keeping to the task at hand will make you more efficient. Try to block out any distractions such as your phone ringing, emails, and text messages so that you can concentrate. 

7. Set a schedule to check your email.  It can be time consuming to check your email every time you receive one. Don't take more than a day to answer anything, but you don't drop everything you're doing immediately. 

8. Leave a few minutes in between tasks.  Don't schedule your tasks too closely together. Make sure to leave 5-10 minutes between each task just in case you run over. This will help you start your next task without being rushed.

9. Clear off your desk and make your work area clean.  Having a work space that is cluttered and unorganized can clutter you mind and make you work at a slower pace. Also it makes things difficult to find which will also add more time to your day.

If you have any other tips that may help people, feel free to leave them in the comments section!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How to Call Australia from the United States

It's no picnic, but Datavo makes calling Australia from the United States easy.

We know that making an international call can be difficult. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.

Take these uncomplicated steps:

  • Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix. or access code
  • Second dial 61, Australia's country code.
  • Lastly dial the 1 digit area code and 8 digit phone number.
   Example: 011 + 61 + XXXXXXXX

  Major Cities and Area Codes:

  • Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix. or access code
  • Second dial 61, Australia's country code.
  • Lastly dial the 10-11 digit phone number starting with 4 or 04
   Example: 011 + 61 + 4 XXXXXXXXX
                 011 + 61 + 04 XXXXXXXXX

Click HERE to go to Australia's White Pages.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Phone Scams and How to Protect Yourself

In this day and age you cannot be too cautious with protecting yourself.

With the numerous telemarketing scams circulating around, Datavo wants you to be vigilant. In this article, I will go over some of the most popular phone scams going around. If you or someone you know has been affected by a scam feel free to let us know about it in the comments so we can share your experience.

Make sure to share the information you learn with friends and family so they can be aware and forewarned.

  • Caller ID Spoofing
Scams: Scammers use new technology that allows them to manipulate their Caller ID to show that they are calling from a legitimate company when they are really not any part of the organizations. They try to convince you to give them your personal information, such as credit card or Social Security Numbers. These calls can be made from mobile as well as landlines, and have also been seen through email and blogs. 

Protection: Be very cautious and and guarded about providing personal information over the phone.

  • International Calls
When making an international call you most likely will need to dial 011 (the US international prefix). There are some exceptions such as places in the Caribbean that look like domestic numbers but are actually international calls with international rates. Some examples of these area codes are: 809, 876 and 284.

Scams: You receive a urgent message/text/email that advises you to contact a specific number for more information. They have also been known to have ads in papers or online saying to call them for a quote or a specific consumer item.

Protection: Be very cautious when making calls to numbers you do not know. If any area code is not familiar look it up prior to calling. Blocking 900 calling will not stop you line from dialing an international call so if necessary have your phone company block your phone from making international calls.

  • Slammimg/Cramming
Slamming is a very popular scam where your phone carrier is switched without your permission. Once this is done Cramming is usually seen on the bill as well, where you are charged for services you did not ask for or receive.

Scams: A promotion is sent to you advising you that you won a prize and to contact a specific number. When you call this number you are automatically enrolled into some type of club or program where the charges are added to your phone bill. They have also been known to sign people up using sweepstakes forms that have enrollment acceptance in the fine print that people usually do not read. Telemarketers also call selling Long Distance services for a lower price but fail to tell you this price is only valid for a very short period of time and afterwards your rates are astronomical. 

Protection: Make sure to always read your phone bill carefully and check for any unusual charges. If you receive a bill from a company that you are not familiar with their logo or name call the company and ask for an explanation. Always request that any sales offers from telecom companies be sent to you in writing. Also if you need to check your LD provider you can call 1-700-555-4141.

  • Call Forwarding
Scams: You get a call/text/email requesting that you dial two digits and * or # (for example *72) plus another number so that you can win/claim a prize that they are offering. By entering this code from your phone it hard programs your line to be forwarded to whatever number you dialed in after the code. This allows the scammers to make calls to your number and be forwarded, and you be billed for the charges.

Protection: Always ignore these types of calls. If you do answer, immediately hang up.

Monday, August 27, 2012

6 Quotes from Alexander Graham Bell

If you don't know who Alexander Graham Bell is you must live under a rock! Most likely you use his invention everyday - the TELEPHONE of course!

Alexander Graham Bell c. 1914-1919
Not only was he credited for inventing the telephone he also invented many other things in the fields of  optical telecommunications, aeronautics, and hydrofoils. He went into the field of researching hearing and speech technologies due to this mother and wife being deaf.

Here are 6 of his most profound quotes:

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

"A man, as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with - a man is what he makes of himself."

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."

"Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds. I may be given credit for having blazed the trail, but when I look at the subsequent developments I feel the credit is due to others rather than to myself."

"The most successful men in the end are those whose success is the result of steady accretion."

In 1888, he helped found the National Geographic Society and is looked at as one of the most influential people in human history. Datavo salutes him!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Call Germany from the United States

Making an international call can sometimes be daunting. So let Datavo make calling Germany from the United States effortless.

Here at Datavo we know that making an international call can be difficult. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.
Take these uncomplicated steps:

  • Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix. or access code
  • Second dial 49, Germany's country code.
  • Lastly dial the 2-5 digit area code and 3-9 digit phone number.

Example: 011 + 49 + XXX XXXX XXX

                Major Cities and Area Codes:

Area Code

  • Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix. or access code
  • Second dial 49, Germany's country code.
  • Lastly dial the 10 digit phone number with starting with 1

Example: 011 + 49 + 1 XXX XXX XXX

Click HERE to go to Germany's White Pages.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 Ways to Keep Happy Customers

Are your customers HAPPY or are they SAD? Having happy customers means you have a successful business. Happy customers means they spread the word to other people and give you the chance to make those people happy customers.

Here at Datavo, we know keeping your customers happy can be tough at times so we put together this list to help you out. Here are our Top 5:

1. Motivate Your Staff - Happiness is contagious, so when customers contact your business and are greeted by happy people they in turn will have some of the joy rub off on them. Always remind your staff to smile when making or receiving calls. Make sure they keep their voice and tone at a soothing level. Make sure to remind them that the customers are the ones who make it possible for them to get paid so keeping them happy means keeping their pockets happy.

2. Listen and Understand What People Need - People never like to feel as if they are being rushed or not listened to. Always make sure that you fully grasp the issue the customer may have so that you can come up with the most cost effective, time saving solution for your customer's needs. If necessary repeat back any pertinent information so that you can confirm it was heard correctly.

3. Engage and Individualize - Make your customers feel special. People do not like to feel like they are only numbers, customize and individualize each interaction as much as possible. It will leave your customer feeling respected and appreciated.

4. The KISS Principle - "Keep it Simple, Stupid". Making things overly complicated can confuse not only your customers but your staff as well. It has been proven that keeping things simple rather than complex makes everything run smoother.

5. Always Have a Solution - If a customer is unhappy give them something to make up for it. It doesn't have to be big (or anything that cost your business money) but your generosity will be remembered. Make sure that you have an end result that makes you and the customer happy. Sometimes this may be hard but if everything was easy we wouldn't need this list.

How do you keep your customers happy? Leave some tips in the comments.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

10 Tips for Proper Business Telephone Etiquette

First impressions are said to be what people remember you by. This can be said about phone calls as well. Since callers are not able to see you face to face, they use your telephone speaking voice to form certain judgments and opinions about you. Not only do they hear what you are saying they judge the tone of how you are saying it too. To ensure people always have a great impression of you, Datavo has put together some tips to make your telephone speaking voice a winner.

1. Greet Clients Professionally - Always make sure to answer all calls professionally with a short greeting. Make sure to practice the greeting before answering the phone so that you make sure you sound clear and professional.

2. Answer Phone By Fourth Ring - Whether you are in the office or out, make sure you or your voicemail picks up by the fourth ring. It is very unprofessional for you line to just ring and ring.

3. Speak Clearly - Remember people are not able to see you and watch you lips as you talk when on the phone. Make sure that you enunciate properly while keeping a positive professional tone.

4. Be Prepared - Always have paper and pen ready to write down any information you need to remember about the call. Also, write down the person the name of the person whom you are speaking so that you can remember it and use it during the conversation. It makes the caller feel like you are listening.

5. No Eating or Drinking - Eating and drinking while on the phone with someone sounds very unprofessional. Only eat and drink when not making any calls, preferably on your break.

6. Stay Focused - Always pay attention to what you client is telling you. Don't let outside distractions get in your way. If someone approaches you while you are on the phone politely wave them away until you are finished with your current call.

7. Always Ask a Customer Before Placing Them on Hold - With phone systems these days once a caller gets to you they could have been on hold for a number of minutes and may not appreciate being placed on hold again. Once they are placed on hold try not to leave them for more than 30 seconds so they do not become upset and hang up.

8. Address All Callers Formally - When in doubt, always address people formally. Never call an unfamiliar person by their first name. Use Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss when your know their last name. If you do not know their last name Sir or Ma'am are sufficient.

9. Listen - Listen to what the caller is saying to you. Whether you are taking a message or fixing a problem. This will help you to understand their problem and find the best solution to what needs to done. A good habit to learn also, is to repeat the information back to the caller when taking a message down.

10. Remain Patient and Helpful - Always remain patient and helpful, even when dealing with irate customers. You want people to feel like you are emphatic to their issues and are willing to help them. If you are not able to calm the person down make sure to forward them to the proper person who can. Never respond back in a negative or angry way.

Monday, August 13, 2012

How to Call Anguilla from the United States

Making an international call can be hectic at times. Let Datavo make your calls to Anguilla from the United States effortless.

We know that making international calls can be tough. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.

Just follow these simple steps:

   Landline/Mobile Phone:

·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
·         Second dial 1, the Anguilla's Country Code.
·         Lastly dial the area code 264 and 7-digit phone number.

   Example: 011 + 1 + 264 + XXXXXXX

Click here to go to Anguilla's Telephone Directory. 

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Applications On myDatavo

With myDatavo there are a number of different applications that you can install on your mobile phone or computer so that all of you devices work together using a single system that is practical, convenient and easy to use. Here is a review a them.

  • myDatavo Assistant - provides access to contacts, voicemails and configuration of call services from your desktop.
  • Dialer - allows you to make calls from a  third-party environment.
  • Voicemail - allows you to manage your voice message from a  third-party environment.
  • Call Lists - allows you to see a list of your call log. All recently dialed, received, and missed calls.
  • Conference - allows you to set up and manage conference calls from a  third-party environment .
  • QuickDial Accelerator - allows you to make a call from Internet Explorer 8 or above or by highlighting a phone number on a web page.
  • myDatavo Communicator - allows you to make and receive voice and video calls, manage your contacts with Microsoft Outlook integration, view presence information for your contacts, access your voicemails all from your desktop.
  • Conference - allows you to set up and manage conference calls using your mobile phone.

For more information contact us at Datavo.

Friday, August 10, 2012

California Sports & Athletes Making Big Moves

California Sports are on their A Game this Summer!

Unless you've been living under a rock you know the Summer Games in London have been going strong and starting to wind down with the closing ceremony scheduled for Sunday evening.

As I watch Team USA win medal after medal I can't help but be so proud of all the athletes from my home state that keep showing up and taking home the GOLD!

Maggie Steffens
It was an epic day in Women's Sports yesterday!

Our US Women's Water Polo Team defeated Spain and  brought home GOLD for the 1st time in the sport. Of the 18 players, 15 of them are from California! Leading the team was Maggie Steffens (San Ramon, CA), a 19 year old rookie, who scored 5 goals in an 8-5 victory. She leads all scorers at the Summer Games with 21 goals in six games. 

Alex Morgan
Yesterday also saw the US Women's Soccer Team win the GOLD against Japan for the third consecutive time. Since Women's Soccer was added as a sport in 1996, Team USA has played in every Gold Medal Final match. Of the 18 players, six are from California! They showed what they are made of and got redemption, as they lost to Japan in the World Cup in 2011

Megan Rapinoe (Redding, CA) made an exciting corner kick in the game against Canada and was a main force on the field. Sydney Leroux (Los Angeles, CA) came in off the bench and scored against New Zealand in the Quarter Final for us. Shannon Box was injured in the game against France but was cleared to play for the final and helped her team win. Amy Rodriguez (Lake Forest, CA) was a force as well as Rachel Buehler (Del Mar, CA). Last but never least, is Alex Morgan (Diamond Bar, CA) who can be considered the X-Factor for this team. They call her 'Baby Horse' for the way she gallops and takes long strides around the pitch. They may need to change her name to 'Stallion' from the way she played in London.

D. Howard 2008
On this side of the Pond, we have some major moves as well, but this involves our home town NBA team the Los Angeles Lakers.

What got me the most excited this morning was finding out that the Lakers have acquired Dwight Howard (Olympian, 2008) in a four team blockbuster trade. Their starting line up will now be Kobe Bryant (Olympian), Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol (Olympian, Spain), and Metta World Peace (I still call him Ron Artest). 

Datavo is proud to be a California Company!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Your myDatavo Dashboard

The myDatavo Dashboard is a part of your myDatavo User Web Portal and allows you to quickly access the following key features all in one place.

  • Messages: At a glance it shows you how many new message you currently have, and your total number of messages.

  • Missed Calls: Shows all of your recent missed calls. If the calls are from a person in your contact list, their name will display along with their phone type. Clicking on the callers name will jump you directly to their contact list entry.

  • Contacts: Provides and easy way to look up your contacts by name and view the details. 

  • Call Manager Settings: Shows how your incoming calls are handled. You are able to set these settings to your liking. 

  • Click to Dial: You can place a call to any number on this screen just by clicking on it including any numbers that where recognized by your contact list and are displayed by name.

For more information contact us at Datavo.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Call the Bahamas from the United States

International codes and rules can be difficult. Let Datavo make your call to the Bahamas from the United States effortless.

We know that making international calls can be tough. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.

Just follow these simple steps:

   Landline/Mobile Phone:

·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
·         Second dial 1, the Bahama's Country Code.
·         Lastly dial the area code 242 and 7-digit phone number.

   Example: 011 + 1 + 242 + XXXXXXX

Click here to go to the Bahama's White Pages. 

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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Glimpse at the myDatavo Call Manager

The myDatavo Call Manager is a revolutionary new service that will monitor your incoming calls and handle them according to the parameters that you set up. 

Call Manager allows you to select a number of different options for how you would like it to treat your calls. The following are a few of the options.

  • During work hours you can have calls routed to your home or mobile.
  • Have your phone ring only when it is a number in your contact list.
  • Have your line ring at other locations if you are unable to answer.

How does Call Manager Work?

It allows you to configure Call Manager with "Rules", a "Weekly Schedule", and "Special Days".

An example of a "Rule" can be:
  • If you receive a call from someone on your contact list, make your phone ring in a distinct manner.
  • If you receive a call from an anonymous number, send it to your voicemail.

A "Weekly Schedule" can be divided into distinct periods, such as:
  • normal working hours
  • lunchtime
  • evenings
  • the weekend.

Any "Special Holidays" can be set within your Weekly Schedule, for example:
  • holidays
  • vacations
  • business trips

You can configure Call Manager to apply a different Set of Rules during each of those periods.

Contact Datavo for more information on myDatavo!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

California Tennis Players Achieve Career Golden Grand Slams

Woohhhooooo! Our California Tennis Players are showing up and showing out in London today. We're so excited here at Datavo!

Serena Williams
It started out with Serena Williams playing No.1 ranked player Maria Sharapova of Russia in the Women's Tennis Singles Final. Boy, was Serena a dominant force. This game is going down in history as one of the most dominating performances ever played. She did not lose a set, almost having a perfect game. In a best two of three, she won 6-0, 6-1 in just three minutes over an hour.

“I honestly don’t think I have ever played better from start to finish,” she said in an interview after the game.

With this GOLD, she is the first American woman (only second in history after Steffi Graf of Germany) to have a Career Golden Grand Slam. She has won the French Open once (2002), the US Open three times (1999, 2000, 2008), the Australian Open a record five times during the open era, men or women (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010), and Wimbledon another five win (2002, 2003, 2009, 2010, 2012).

After Serena's win, with her GOLD medal on her neck; she she saw the Bryan Brothers (who are twins) and urged them. "She said, 'Guys, come on,'" Bob said. "She gave me a fist and this really tough face, and I thought we kind of adopted that persona."
Bob and Mike Bryan

They went out and did not disappoint. Going into this tournament they were ranked No.1 in Men's Doubles Tennis and did not want to go home like the did in 2008 with a Bronze. They played Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Michael Llodra of France. They showed everything they had and it payed off with a 6-4, 7-6 win.

With this GOLD Medal they also became the first American Men Tennis Doubles Team to have a Career Golden Grand Slam. They have 11 Grand Slam titles together. They have won the French Open once (2003), the US Open three times (2005, 2008, 2010), the Australian Open five times (2006, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011), and Wimbledon twice (2006, 2011) - which is where they won their GOLD!

Go Team USA! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Make a Call to Spain from the United States

Let Datavo help you make calling Spain from the US, es un queque! (a piece of cake).

We know the intricacies of making international calls can be tough. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.

Just follow these easy steps:


  • Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix. or access code.
  • Second dial 34, Spain's country code.
  • Lastly dial the 9-digit phone number with starting digit 9.

   Example: 011 + 34 + 9XX XXX XXX

  Major Cities and Area Codes

Area Code


  • Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix. or access code.
  • Second dial 34, Spain's country code.
  • Lastly dial  the 9-digit phone number with starting digit 6.

Example: 011 + 34 + 6XX XXX XXX

Click HERE for Spain's White Pages.

Do you call Spain regularly? Well Datavo has a deal for you. Click HERE for more information on