Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Why Virtual PBX?

A virtual PBX is a hosted private branch exchange phone system that does not require installation of any equipment or hardware that is otherwise required for a traditional PBX phone system. The virtual PBX, a cloud base phone system is typically hosted and managed by third party vendors. The users require an internet connection and VoIP enabled phones to access the phone service.

A Virtual PBX phone system provides access to the most advanced and feature rich phone system that is easy to install, configure, use and manage. With a cloud base phone system you can focus on your core business activities rather than focusing your time, cost and effort in operating a business phone system. This is possible as the Virtual PBX companies handle the installation, configuration and management of the system and you simply use it. Hosted PBX or a cloud base phone system works over internet through VoIP, public switched telephone network (PSTN) or both. A virtual PBX provides several benefits as opposed to a traditional PBX phone system such as the following:

  • Big Savings:  The first and foremost benefit of a virtual PBX phone system is the low cost of ownership as it doesn't require purchasing expensive hardware and equipment that is required for a traditional PBX system.
  • Low Call Costs:  A virtual PBX works over internet using VoIP which is cheaper as opposed to the traditional call using the PSTN.  All that is required is an internet connection and VoIP based phone systems.
  • Faster Time to Market:  A virtual PBX is easy to install and doesn't involve complex configurations and setting up of systems. All the configurations and set up related tasks are taken care of by the Hosted cloud base phone system provider.
  • Resource Optimization:  A virtual PBX phone system doesn't require resources or people to install, maintain and support the system as it is hosted and all these tasks are taken care of by the cloud base phone system provider. With a Virtual PBX, your business need not worry about the maintenance overheads, repairs or support of the PBX system which results in big savings.
  • State of the Art Features:  Additional benefits include state of the art, Fortune 500 business features such as a toll free number, automated assistant, pushing voice mail to emails, call forwarding, call screening and many more. These Fortune 500 business features make the virtual PBX phone system a viable option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Automation:  A Virtual PBX phone system allows automation of several tasks that otherwise require a physical resource or employee intervention, reducing the cost and effort. Automation can include, but is not limited to call screening, call forwarding, etc.  Automation can differ from company to company based on the business requirements.
With the ever increasing enhancements to technology, a cloud base phone system provides a robust and hassle free business phone system that provides state of the art features at an affordable price. The combination of easy to use, low cost, feature rich and quality of the cloud based phone system, makes virtual PBX a preferred choice for any business as opposed to the traditional PBX system.

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Established in 1996, Datavo is a privately held, California telecom company headquartered in North Hollywood. We currently provide telephone service to over 12,000 businesses throughout Los Angeles and Orange County and recognized as a low cost leader throughout the state. Our primary goal is simple. We aim to provide you with cost effective solutions to meet your business's telephone and broadband requirements as well as provide the customer service experience you expect for your company.


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