Sunday, September 22, 2013

7 Helpful 'H' Hallmarks of Honorable Leaders

It's time of our 'H' installment of Datavo's Business Leaders Attributes by Letter series. You can catch up by reading 7 Great 'G' Gages of Great Leaders.

Let's get moving with the 'H's...

Thomas Jefferson said, " Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom." Honest leaders know their strengths, failures and shortcomings. They learn early on that transparency breeds respect and their employees are much more likely to rally behind and listen to them. 

Humility does not come easy to everyone. Humble leaders know that being cocky only makes other people not like you. Learning yourself and accepting that there are things that you do not know is the first step to being humble. 

Albert Einstein said, "Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means." Hardworking leaders know that leading by example is the best way to get the full potential out of their employees. Showing great work ethic makes others around you want to emulate it. 

At work you may be assigned a project that you are unfamiliar with. Hopefully you will have a helpful coworker that is willing to share some of their knowledge with you. Helpful leaders know that their employees can look to them when things arise that they may needs advice on. 

Being honorable means that you may have to speak the truth even when it is unpopular. People will respect you when they know that you stand for something and conduct yourself based on truth instead of feelings.

Hearty people are spirited, enthusiastic, exuberant, fervent and sincere. Leaders with this quality earn their workers respect because they exude passion and are seen as heartfelt and genuine. 

Luc de Clapiers said, "One cannot be just if one is not humane." Humane leaders are able to show empathy and make decisions based on all the factors of a situation and see how they will effect the people involved. 

To end our list, let's go over 7 'H' words that honorable leaders would never want to be - hypocritical, hostile, hateful, helpless, half-hearted, hasty, or hopeless. 

Feel free to leave any words you think we left off or would have on your own list int the comments. Make sure to look out for our next list of 'I' adjectives. 

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