Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5 Effective Ways to Engage Your Employess

Office managers get a lot of bad press, from their treatment in the every day cartoons to their perpetual stereotyping in films and on TV, but it is not simple to manage people. 

In these times of extra long work schedules, dwindling annual-raise budgets, and corporate merging, it may be tougher than ever to lead a team. One of the simplest leadership lessons to lose sight of is: As crucial as it is to get production out of our teams and keep them on task and below budget, it is even more important to listen to, mentor, and show appreciation to them. There's lots of days in an average manager's schedule when, even with the best intentions, none of that happens. With lots of days like that, the atmosphere at work starts to feel like chaos.  Here are five ways to keep your employees in the know and feeling appreciated that even the most time-starved manager can use.

1. Ask for ideas and opinions
You hire your employees for their brains. Nothing makes a person feel more appreciated than asking their opinions and ideas. It is not necessary for you to use or implement every idea but it goes a long way for people to know that their opinions matter. 

2. Give them feedback
Don't wait for your employees annual review to tell them what your think about how they perform their job. It can be difficult to give people constructive criticism but people actually like to know when they can be doing something better. By not giving feedback you may make your employees feel like you don't care.

3. Say what you mean and mean what you say
Never compromise in this area. If you tell one of your employees that you will meet with them, do it. If you make plans to visit one of your off site locations before the end of the year, do it. If you miss something make sure that you own up to it.

4. Praise your employees to your boss
If your employees do things that deserve recognition let your higher up know as it is the highest form of appreciation. If possible, do it in front of the employee or make sure to 'cc' if it is done by email.

5. Say 'Thank You'
People love to feel appreciated. If your employees have made accomplishments tell them thank you and explain how the action benefited the company.

Feel free to leave any ways that you use to engage your employees in the notes. 

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