Monday, December 24, 2012

Interesting Facts of 2012

We love interesting news here at we thought we would review the year of 2012 for you!

Jan 18th - Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) blackout becomes the largest protest in the history of the internet.

Jan 19th -  FBI shuts down for alleged copyright infringement, hacker group Anonymous responds by attacking government and entertainment industry websites.

Mar 13th - Encyclopedia Britannica announces that it will no longer public printed versions of its encyclopedia.

Mar 19th - Wendy's overtakes Burger King to become the second best selling hamburger chain.

Apr 5th - International internet group Anonymous hack several Chinese bureaus in opposition to censorship.

Apr 10th - Apple Inc claims a value of $600 billion making it the largest company by market capitalization in the world.

May 12th - The discovery of a missing Mayan calender piece disproves 2012 Armageddon.

May 25th - A SpaceX Dragon becomes the first commercial spacecraft to dock at the International Space Station.

Jun 6th - The Solar Impulse completes the world's first intercontinental flight powered by the sun.

Jun 11th - Los Angeles Kings defeat New Jersey Devils 6-1 in game 6 to win the NHL's Stanley Cup.

Jun 15th - Apple I computer sells for a record $374,500.

Jun 21st - Miami Heat win the 2012 NBA finals after defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder 4 games to one.

Jul 25th - The 2012 Summer Olympics begin in London.

Aug 9th - Usain Bolt becomes the first person to win the 100m and 200m sprint in back to back Olympics.

Aug 12th - The 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony completes the games.

Aug 16th - Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, is granted political asylum by Ecuador.

Aug 24th - Both Apple and Samsung are found guilty of patent infringement in a South Korean court.

Aug 27th - First interplanetary human voice recording is broadcast from the Mars Rover Curiosity.

Sep 9th - Serena Williams wins her fourth women's tennis singles at the US Open.

Sep 12th - Apple unveils its iPhone 5 and iOS 6.

Oct 17th - The exoplanet Alpha Centauri Bb is discovered orbiting Alpha Centauri.

Nov 1st - Google's Gmail becomes the world's most popular email service.

Nov 10th - The final US presidential election results are declared after Barack Obama wins Florida to defeate Mitt Romney 332-206 in Electoral College votes.

Nov 16th - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 grosses $500 million in 24 hours to become the biggest entertainment launch of all time.

Nov 20th - Toshiba unveils a robot designed to help in nuclear disasters.

Dec 10th - Google begins selling US$99 laptops.

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