Thursday, January 24, 2013

Flat Stanley Visits Datavo

Today we had a special visitor in our Datavo office . Let's see if Flat Stanley managed to get anything done or was he just playing around...

 Talking on the phone with Kenny

Hanging out with Rhaphael
 He found Michelle 

Sticking out his tongue with Maira

 Throwing up Peace with Lufe

Processing Trouble tickets with Eric
Silly Faces with Ron

Trying to get his W-2 from James

Hanging tight with Petty and Offie 
 Gio giving Stan a handshake

More silly faces with Gohar

Installing phone service with Sean

Working hard with Zaman 

Flat Stanley even made it downstairs to hang out with our neighbors Brazilian Blowout for a bit.

In the bag with Jess

Knocking on the door with Karina

For more info on Stanley feel free to visit his Facebook page HERE.

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