Tuesday, January 15, 2013

myDatavo Widgets

myDatavo delivers a variety of high-function, portable mini-applications, known as Widgets, which include:

Voicemail – Message lists, with text transcripts, playback and management (including automatic notification when new messages arrive) 
Call Lists – All recent call information 
• Dialer – Click-to-Dial, either from a voicemail or call record, or just to a contact in your    myDatavo contact list 
Conference – integrated conference control to provide real time control over conference calls 

These enable some of the most valuable myDatavo features directly from your homepage or desktop. Access to myDatavo features are seamlessly integrated and Widgets are available for the following environments: 

• Chrome 4 and 5, and Safari 5 and Firefox 3 on a Mac 
• Windows 7 and Windows Vista Sidebar, 32-bit and 64-bit versions 
• Mac OS X Dashboard, Leopard or later version 
• Google homepage 
• Gmail 
• Google Calendar 

Widgets also provide a quick-launch button to open full myDatavo, bypassing the login screen.

For more information please contact Datavo at 1.877.7DATAVO or www.datavo.com

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