Thursday, October 10, 2013

6 Simple Rules of Etiquitte for Using the Telephone

So.... we've all been on the receiving end of a phone call gone bad or know a person that just doesn't return calls. Where the person on the other end just forgot all the manners they ever learned in life and turned into a crazed person especially if your a customer service representative.

Here's a couple rules of phone etiquette to make sure you don't become one of those dreaded people.

1. Answer the phone politely. Whether it's your land line, your cell or somebody else's phone, always answer in a courteous fashion. A simple hello is good, followed by a bit of identification, so that the other person knows they have reached the intended target.

2. Don't eat while talking. The sounds of eating coming through the telephone are gross, rude and should never happen.

3. Speak slowly and clearly. Whether you are on the phone at home, or out in public, always speak just loudly enough to be heard by the person on the other end.

4. Leave your number if you leave a message. If you call someone and get their voice-mail and choose to leave a message, always leave them a method of getting back to you. Just do it, it's expected and polite.

5. Return phone calls. Nothing makes a person feel ignored more than someone not returning their phone calls. It only takes a second. Just do it!

6. Ask permission before placing people on hold. People don't like to talk to themselves, and that is what will happen if you place people on hold without letting them know before hand. 

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