Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Datavo's Top 5 Reasons Why Autumn is Amazingly Awesome

It's Autumn again and everyone at Datavo is excited and happy. Each season comes with its own set of perks but Autumn wins with sheer beauty. So instead of sulking about having to put your beach attire away and bring out your sweaters, let's celebrate the reasons why Autumn is Amazingly Awesome. 

1. The Beauty. The sounds of the breeze, the colors changing on the trees, the leaves falling all create a spectacular jolt to your senses. 

2. Halloween.  The Candy, the Costumes, the Ominous feelings that something is watching you all make for a spooky sensation. 

3. The Weather. The early morning mist, the fresh crisp breeze all engulfing you, a little rain refreshing everything and awakening a new day. 

4. Thanksgiving and Family. Nothing is more special than taking time to get together with your loved ones and reflect back on what the current year has brought you and why they all make it that much more special to you.

5. Time Travel. Every year at this time we get to travel back in time one hour and repeat what we already did. Daylight Savings gives you an extra hour to sleep in.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 reasons why Autumn is Amazingly Awesome!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Use that extra hour to call us