Wednesday, October 23, 2013

7 Inspiring 'I' Indicators of Impressive Leaders

It's time of our 'I' installment of Datavo's Business Leaders Attributes by Letter series. You can catch up by reading 7 Helpful 'H' Hallmarks of Honorable Leaders.

Let's start getting inspired with the 'I's...

Albert Einstein was said to believe that - “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” That Knowledge is an understanding of “what is” — imagination is an appreciation of what can be.

Having the ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations quickly make you a valuable asset. 

Great leaders enlighten their teams and ignite the possibilities - they make their employees want to excel and be better.

The longer you work with an organization, the deeper you develop relationships with coworkers. You will have a natural affinity for some people, and others simply may not “click” with you. Great leaders know how to remain impartial and will not play favorites when it comes to business decision-making.

Someone once said, “It is far more impressive when others discover your good qualities without your help.” Be impressive with your actions and your leadership, and people will take note themselves.

Businesses these days are composed of many different departments such as sales, customer service, and accounting. A great leader is an integrative force that combines these separate departments of the organization and unites them to pursue common goals.

Inspiring leaders have a clearly defined purpose for their work. It is a higher motivation around the entirety of what they do—which critically involves others.

To end our list, let's go over 7 'I' words that impressive leaders would never want to be - irate, irresponsible, illogical, immoral, idiotic, improper, or irrelevant.

Feel free to leave any words you think we left off or would have on your own list int the comments. Make sure to look out for our next list of 'J' adjectives.

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