Tuesday, January 28, 2014

5 Great Tips for Better Networking

Networking is one of the most important things a business professional can do. The more people you know the better, especially in your field of work. It is guaranteed to help you find new job opportunities faster.

Here are a couple tips that may help you get better results when you do it.

1. Go. The biggest step is actually going to the event. It may be on a Saturday when you would rather be at the beach but just think of it as a work commitment. That way you will not overlook it and not show up.

2. Technology is your friend. Find out who is hosting the event and why. They may have a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account that you can follow. If the event you're going to has electronic registration, they most likely will have a list of the people attending. Take a minute to glance over it and see if you recognize any familiar names.

3. Listen. A good way to get a conversation going with someone you don't know is to listen to the person you are speaking to as it will naturally lead you into having something else to ask them. When you are interested in what people are saying they will notice and appreciate your interest.

4. Have your business card. I know I just said that everyone has technology and LinkedIn but for a professional event your still want to have your card on hand so you don't come off ill-prepared or seem unemployed.

5. Follow-up promptly on any new opportunities. If you happen to meet someone that can lead you to a new client or business venture, you should always try to send them a message by email or LinkedIn within 24 hours. It will set you apart from others and they will see that you are really interested.

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