Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Datavo Auto-Attendant - Your New Receptionist

The Datavo Auto-Attendant answers your phone and provides callers with a range of interactive touch-tone selections that you configure to fit your business needs. Your callers receive consistent, professional treatment even when you're away or busy, and you save the time, money and frustration of always needing a person answering and directing calls.

An auto-attendant can reduce wait time for customers and increase office efficiency. When someone calls in, an auto-attendant can greet them and direct their call using programmed choices. The customer is automatically directed to the person best fit to respond to the reason for the call. If you have a higher volume of callers, an auto-attendant can help reduce the customer’s time spent listening to background music.

For a caller to find a user on a phone system, a dial-by-name directory is usually available. This feature lists users by name, allowing the caller to press a key to automatically ring the extension of a user once his/her extension is announced by the auto attendant. 

You can configure your auto attendant to answer immediately or after as many as 9 rings, if you want a chance for your staff to answer first. You can have different lines answered after different numbers of rings, or with different auto attendants. And you have options for callers who don't have a touch-tone phone or who don't select any options at all.

You can record your auto attendant greetings yourself and change them any time, or you can upload professionally recorded files. Datavo can help you with getting your greeting done. 

There are two different types of Auto-Attendants, Easy and Premium. You can use different greetings on each of your incoming lines, allowing sophisticated multi-tenant set-ups, different departments to have their own auto attendants, and automated distribution of frequently requested information such as your hours or location.

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