Sunday, July 29, 2012

Call Forwarding and Its Many Uses

Call Forwarding allows you to forward your calls to another phone number. It was invented by Ernest J. Bonanno in 1963. There are a few different types that Datavo offers you to choose from to suit your needs.

Call Forwarding (Variable):  Allows you to activate and deactivate the forwarding. To do this you pick up your line and dial *72. There will be a stutter tone, then dial the number you want the line to forward to. The number you are forwarding to must be answered. To deactivate, pick up the line and press *73.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding: This feature can be added only with Call Forwarding (Variable) and allows you to activate Call Forwarding (Variable) on your land line from a remote location through an access number and security PIN.

Call Forward - Busy: Allows for your line to be forwarded to another line when your main line is busy.

Call Forward - Don't Answer: Allows for your line to be forwarded to another line when you main line is not answered after a set number of rings.

Call Forward - Select: Allows for you to forward pre-selected numbers to another line that you designate.

Hunting: A complex forwarding feature that allows numbers to be set up in a sequence and to roll over to the next one if the previous line is busy.

Find Me/Follow Me: Another complex forwarding feature that allows for you to designate specific numbers, such as your home, office, and mobile; that will ring simultaneously or in a sequence to find you.

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