Friday, July 13, 2012

Teleconferencing - The New Way of Doing Business

US Navy Holding a Teleconference
In the last decade, technology has made it possible for businesses to become larger and more spread out. As they spread out, more and more employees are working from home, other states, or even countries. Due to this, physical office locations and employees can often be thousands of miles apart from each other. Due to this it can be very difficult to get all of you employees in the same place to conduct training and meetings.

To remedy this problem Datavo suggests teleconferencing. What is teleconferencing you ask? It is a conference in which participants communicate from different locations via telephone or video network.

With teleconfrencing, your company can conduct training, workshops, staff meetings, and demonstrations by telephone or internet instead of in person. 

Let us go over a few of the different types of teleconferencing.

  • Audio Teleconference is voice-only and is usually referred to as just 'conference calling'. To use this service participants are given a designated telephone number to call into at a certain time or an assigned moderator can call each participant. Participants are connected throught a confrence bridge, which acts as a telephone and pick up multiple calls at once.

  • Video Conference is a combination of audio and video and provides voice and video communictaions. It is able to dispaly anything that can be recorded by a video camera. It has an advantage of displaying moving images making participants able to see each others expressions and demeanors from remote locations.

  • Computer Teleconference uses a telephone line to connect two or more computers or modems. Anything you can do on a computer can be sent over the telephone line. It is used mostly by distance learning institutions where students are required to log into a system for a set period of time and download work. They are able to download their required files, complete their assigments and then upload them onto the confrencing system. 

Businesses utilizing VoIP (Voice over IP) are able to host teleconfrencing calls themselves if their VoIP software supports it. Teleconferencing can lower the costs of your business by reducing travel, meals and lodging since your employees are able to connect to each other from remote locations.

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