Thursday, July 12, 2012

London Summer Games 2012

It's 2012 and the Summer Games are almost here. With the torch lit and already on its way to London, excitement is brewing and Team USA is training.

Are you as excited as my coworkers and I are? It's all we're talking about around the water cooler here at Datavo. Everyone is chatting about which sports are their favorites; swimming, track and field, soccer, shooting, tennis, gymnastics, and of course my favorite, Basketball!

While July 27th is still two weeks away, the world is eagerly waiting to see the surprises that are in store. In the 16 days that the games will cover we will see people  running faster, throwing farther, jumping higher and pushing themselves past the point they thought possible all for that coveted GOLD medal. 

With the announcement of the 504-athlete roster, Team USA is ready.

I want to highlight some of these athletes exceptional talents over the next few weeks that made the cut onto Team USA. Specifically, the ones that have a connection to my home state of California, which include Kobe Bryant (basketball), Kerry Walsh (volleyball), sisters Serena and Venus Williams (tennis), Allyson Felix (track and field), the twins Bob and Mike Bryan (tennis), Tyson Chandler (basketball), Kyla Ross (gymnastics), Kim Rhode (shooting), sisters Haley and Alyssa Anderson (swimming), and Russell Westbrook (basketball), just to name a few. 

So get ready, set GO USA

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