Monday, July 2, 2012

What is an IP Phone?

An IP Phone is one which uses the internet, as opposed to a traditional telephone carrier, to make calls and receive calls. The calls are made over an IP network like Internet or can be made via a companies private IP network.  IP Phones uses protocols allowing callers to view the individual on the other line, and can be viewed by those they are calling.

How does an IP Phone work?

There are certain elements which a IP Phone requires in order to properly function including:
  • phyical hardware (earpiece, keypad, display screen, etc); 
  • DNS client, STUN client, DHCP client; 
  • video & audio capabilities; and,
  • a friendly user interface. 
These elements make up the internal system of an IP Phone. 

What features does an IP Phone have? 

There are also several great features you will get with an IP Phone including:
  • caller id; 
  • encrypted communications; 
  • conference calls; 
  • call transfers; 
  • directories; and, 
  • other features (depending on the IP provider, and depending on whether it is the internet, or a private network provider)
An IP Phone also has several features which a traditional phone does not have. Some of these features includes:
  • email contacts (making it easier to remember the contacts or phone number); 
  • easy sharing contact lists (multiple accounts); and, 
  • other features similar to PC based phone services.

The IP Phone is great for businesses that do conference calls, and want to que in everyone who should be involved in the meeting. With the audio and visual, you can easily interact, and can include a larger group of people in to a call, than other phones allow you to do.


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