Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Call Puerto Rico from the United States

Making an international call can be hectic at times. Let Datavo make your calls to Puerto Rico from the United States effortless.

We know that making international calls can be tough. So we developed a simple way to help you make the process easier.

Just follow these simple steps:
Landline/Mobile Phone:

·         Start by dialing 011, the US international prefix.
·         Second dial 1, the Puerto Rico's Country Code.
·         Lastly dial the area code 787/939 and 7-digit phone number.

   Example: 011 + 1 + 787/939 + XXXXXXX

Click HERE to go to Puerto Rico's Telephone Directory. 

Do you call the Puerto Rico regularly?? Well Datavo has a deal for you. Click HERE for more information on our Puerto Rico calling rates.


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